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Welcome to Southam Automotive Engineering

Southam Automotive Engineering specialises in kit cars 


We are pleased to inform you that we are now able to offer Australian buyers an increased range of ICV Kits not only from Road Track Race but also from Great British Sports Cars with their GBS Zero Clubman, UK based Sylva with their Riot and J15 and Australian based JBA with its Falcon. Information on all these kits is at the click of a button on this website.

Also see our news page for other current information.

Road Track Race (RTR)

Like many enthusiasts we have been inspired by the Ariel Atom for some years but could not afford to get one here to Australia and could not guarantee that should we even get one here that it would be road registrable. About two years ago we noticed the MEV Rocket in the UK Kit Car magazines and thought what a good looking and interesting project it was. More importantly the kit price appeared to be just right for our pocket.

After short discussions with the people at MEV and Road Track Race in the UK we were convinced that this was the product for the Australian market, so we had one shipped here. Since it arrived we have been in constant communication and discussion with the Department of Transport in order to ensure that the Rocket would be road registrable. This process required two major outcomes, that of the specific engineering testing (investment in our own testing rigs) together with the development of an acceptable and pedestrian friendly nose. Having no product design experience we asked Curtin University School of Design if any students would help. The nose that we now produce for the Rocket is as a result of their labours and in particular the labour’s of the student whose design we finally selected. (see the news item section for further information)

Road Track Race who now owns the manufacturing and marketing rights to several MEV designs, signed an agency agreement with Southam Automotive Engineering late in 1009 for the marketing rights in Australia. They made this decision because of our engineering capability and commitment to the development of the Rocket.

Road Track Race now manufactures and markets a range of MEV vehicles which includes the Rocket, tR1ke, Sonic 7 and the Atomic. It is our intention to make them all available here in Australia. See other parts of this website for further information

It is our intent that the ROCKET will be the first Exo Skeletal vehicle that can be road registered here in Australia.

Our demonstrator Rocket is now completed and we have begun the first tR1ke and Atomic demonstrator builds.

Great British Sports Cars (GBS)

The GBS Zero is an addition to the range of kit vehicles that we can offer to our clients. It is a clubman style car following the tradition of the Lotus or Caterham 7. It fills a gap in our range of vehicles and we are about to begin development of both the narrow and wide versions in order to ensure that it is acceptable for road registration in all Australia States and Territories. For further information on the Zero kits click onto the Zero icon on the webpage.

Sylva Kit Cars

In conjunction with our good friend Andrew Baker we are now able to offer our Australian clients the Sylva Riot and the Sylva J15 kits. Both kits will undergo testing and development in order to ensure that they can be road registered throughout Australia. For further details of these kits click onto the Riot and/or J15 icons on the webpage or contact Andrew or Terry direct.

JBA Falcon

 Kym Carter is now the Australian proprietor of JBA kit cars. For kit enquires contact Kym direct or click on the JBA Falcon icon on the webpage. Kym is able to provide not only Falcon kits but any required parts to complete your build, replacement parts and most of all advice relating to the products and road registration.

Advice on all ICV Kits at no cost to you

If you are contemplating the purchase of any make or model kit car, should you wish contact us for our advice from our extensive experience prior to purchase. We are able to offer in depth information on the suitability of any kit for Australian road registration. The supplier of the kit that you wish to purchase from should supply adequate information in the way of specification and test reports in order to reduce the complexity and cost of getting road registration. We have been able ease the path or pre warn of likely additional costs for many of our clients.