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The MEV Sonic 7 is mechanically identical to the Rocket but offers more weather protection and the option of a full windscreen and hardtop. Ford Focus based means modern components, ease of build and a wide range of power plants from the 115bhp 1.8 to the 170bhp ST170.

The “Sonic7” features a fully triangulated space frame chassis, yet weighs only 67kgs and the car has fully adjustable suspension so you can tune it to suit yourself. It’s a 1.8 Focus based kit with modern sharp styling that complements the company’s popular Rocket kit by having similar lines but more practicality. It is offered with a hard top or soft top roof option, a choice of wings including the aero type, a roll bar and rear window section and a full laminated windscreen with a GRP frame are also options to enable you to customize your Sonic7. A step by step easy to follow build guide takes you through construction.

If you find the exoskeletal looks of the Rocket a little too extreme but still like the idea of 21st century design and proven Ford Focus running gear, then the Sonic 7 is the car for you.

Kit prices are only $10,500 plus GST for a body/rolling chassis that needs just lights, loom, seats and a donor adding. Build time is estimated at 100 hours for someone with limited knowledge and minimal kit building experience. On the road prices will be a very reasonable sub £7,000 if you build one yourself. Weighing in at just under half a ton standard Focus power will give you a staggering 235 BHP per ton, which is more than enough to see off nearly all the production cars you are likely to meet at the lights.

Compared to a Lotus Elise with 156 BHP per ton and a Porsche Boxster with 187 BHP per ton the Sonic7 is a driving experience not to be missed.

Standard Kit - comprises:

Fully welded tubular space frame chassis ready to accept 1.8 or 2.0 Ford Focus components.

Pro tech fully adjustable shock absorbers complete with coil over springs.

Front and rear wishbones complete with poly bushes, crush tubes & ball joints.

Rear uprights to take donor drive shafts, hubs, bearings and brakes.

Rear alloy bulkhead, front alloy bulkhead, alloy side panels, alloy sheet for floor.

12 piece GRP set in the colour of your choice comprising: bonnet, front grille, dashboard, side panels, engine cover, air intake, rear valance and 4 wings with mounting brackets (choice of styles).

Smoked polycarbonate flyscreen.

Alloy radiator pipes (for front mounted radiator).

Fuel tank (5 gallon) & locking fuel cap.

Steel front uprights to accept 'disk braked' Focus rear hubs with radial brake caliper mount to accept Wilwood/Hi Spec/A.P. etc radial caliper

Steering rack

Assembly Guide CD Rom.


Fully triangulated steel space frame with optional MSA spec roll bar. Chassis designed by qualified structural engineers to provide a stiff and strong structure using tube with a wall thickness of 2mm.


CarDiscs all round with optional 4 pot front calipers, vented, grooved & cross drilled discs.


Length 3125mm (approx 10' 3")- Width 1725mm (approx 05' 8")

Height 1125mm (approx 03' 8") - Wheel Base 2425mm (approx 08' 0")


Zetec 1800cc or 2.0 litre 4 cylinder transverse mounted unit mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. This unit can be tuned up to 175 bhp but the standard 1.8 will propel the car to 60 in under 5 seconds so dont be too hasty on opting for tuning upgrades, this is a light car which means free power.


A Focus will provide the following donor components: -

Engine & Transmission (1800 or 2000cc). Drive shaft & front hubs. Radiator & Fan (non aircon). Engine mounts, fuel pump & fuel gauge sender. Number plate lights, bolts & fixings, header tank, brake fluid reservoir with flexi brake pipes. Diagnostic port. Steering column, switch gear, ignition lock & wheel ECU, complete with engine bay, wiring loom & sensors Rear calipers & discs (subject to Focus Model) Hand Brake, Gear Lever Cables Exhaust Manifold, Seat Belts, Wheels & Tyres.