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With a classic Exo-skeletal chassis design and panel work penned in house, the sensational Yamaha Ri motorcycle powered Trike has to be one of the most ‘truly remarkable' looking vehicles that money can buy.

With over 430bhp/tonne power to weight ratio it must also be one of the quickest.

This coupled to extraordinary levels of grip due to the tR1ke's low centre of gravity and high power.

The tR1ke is simplicity itself to assemble as the whole of the Yamaha R1 engine, transmission, swinging arm and wheel assembly just bolts to the tR1ke's frame. This could be just the kind of fun that your pocket money has been waiting for.

If you want bike performance with the safety of car like handling then you need look no further. Simply buy a kit and add the right bits from a Yamaha R1 or if that seems like a lot of bother, then let us build one for you to your own specification.


Kit includes:

  • Chassis and wishbones set
  • 3 piece GRP panels (bonnet and wings in various colours)
  • Set of wing mount stays
  • Steering rack (2.4 turns quick rack)
  • Steering column
  • Alloy floor and bulk heads
  • Alloy centre tunnel
  • Steel front uprights and hubs
  • Full set of ball joints
  • Suspension bushes and inserts


KIT $11,350plus GST

The standard tR1ke kit comes ready to accept the Yamaha R1 engine, transmission and rear swinging arm suspension assembly.
The chassis may be adapted by you or us to accept other manufacturer engine, transmission and swinging arm units.

Kit Options

Pro-tech alloy shock absorbers and springs
Powdercoating (silver, satin black, gloss black)
Sports seats  per pair
Kliktronic electronic steering wheel mounted gearshift
Kliktronic flappy paddles for gearshift
Kliktronic ignition interrupt module (for flat out gearchanges)  
Lighting and wiring kit
Wilwood front brake package (4 pot calipers, drilled and
grooved disks, Powerlite brake pads) 
Non standard gel coat colour extra

Standard gelcoat colour range: white, red, tangerine, yellow, imperial blue , Kawasaki green 

For more information, please click here.