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0417 811 044

Track Days

This is the ideal way for you to get to know your car and enjoy its performance and handling in a relatively safe environment. Our Track Days consist of initial off track tutoring in safety and correct driving technique prior to going out onto the track with one of our experienced drivers.

There will also be an automotive engineer together with experienced race mechanics to answer your questions related to your car, its performance and set up.
Our aim is for you to get the maximum enjoyment from your car, improve its handling if required and improve your driving technique.
Please give us a call for dates and other specific information


Social Days

We are in the process of organising social gatherings for like-minded kit car owners or anyone else who would like to participate. The aim of these social events is for us to use and enjoy our cars on the road with our family members and have the opportunity to socialise in an informal environment.

We have some ideas as to how to start these but we need your help and input, so call and tell us what you think you, your partners and families would enjoy. We would envisage meeting once every two months.
Let us have your ideas.

Dates and events will be listed in the Events Calendar on this website


Kit Building Sessions

Want to know how easy it is to build a kit car before you buy? Then join one of our series of Kit Build sessions. We provide all the kit parts and necessary tools whilst you provide the labour. Our experienced staff will manage the project, allocate tasks, ensure that you undertake the work tasks safely and answer all of your questions. There will be a limit of eight persons per course, so you need to book.

Dependent on the project, the courses will comprise ten to fifteen sessions of one evening per week.

Projects will be as follows:

RTR Rocket Ford Duratec powered
RTR Atomic Yamaha/Honda/Susuki powered
SPYK Club Duratec powered

Give us a call to find out more